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Sports & Recreation Mgmt. Out of Home Advertising Interactive Movie Adverstising Virtual Trial Rooms Mixed Reality Marketing Engaging Digital Catalog Demographic Profiling Identity & Access Manangement

With the latest technology in the field of Internet of Things (IoT), Deep Learning, Facial Recognition & Analysis, and Augmented Reality.



FitDesk allows health clubs to create and manage member’s workout programs electronically. Members can access their personalised workout programs and track their progress with any smart phone or computer. FitDesk’s in-built retention tools allows health clubs to monitor member progress and automate on going communications.



SwimDesk provides swim schools the ability to track student assessments & engage with parents through frequent and personalized communication. SwimDesk’s online parent portal keeps every parent up to date with their child’s progress and in-depth reporting helps swim schools identify students who need more support and attention.


SalesDesk helps health clubs and leisure centres manage every step of their sales process. The unique automated follow up system can trigger preset targeted follow-up communications that nurture leads, increase motivation and improve sales performance. Rich reporting helps provides greater visibility which drives ongoing improvements in sales.

Image Analysis. Augmented Reality.
Interactive Mirror

The Interactive Mirror

The virtual trial room provides a way for your customers to try on clothing and accessories by standing in front of an "Interactive Mirror".


Mixed Reality Marketing

Mixed Reality Marketing

Create innovativce Mixed Reality marketing campaigns using an array of Augmented Reality solutions to attract and engage your audience.

Interactive Movie Advertising

Interactive Movie Advertising

Augmented Reality Interactive Movie Advertising (ARIMA) helps to drive footfall to a theatre, especially in a mall. Creates great Social Media advertising opportunities and cross selling.

Virtual Try-on for E-Commerce

Virtual Try-on for E-Commerce

Let your customers be their own model and experience your products! They can try eye wear, casual clothing, bridal wear, ethnic wear, hats & fascinators. The API can be integrated with e-commerce sites and mobile apps.

Ecommerce Photography

E-commerce Photography

Create model clad photographs of your apparels without a model. Our patent pending software automatically fits your apparel's photo on a model and provides high resolution images.



Why wonder how a fabric will look when stitched? See fabrics as clothing. Just take a picture of the fabric and see how it looks as a Suit, Abaya, Kurti & Salwar kameez... Simple API to integrate for Bespoke Retailers.

Face & Image Analyis

Face & Image Analyis

Match and identify faces from a video or a photo across millions of faces. Detect thousands of objects and scenes to get rich context and information to enable visual search and discovery.

Audience Insights

Audience Insights

Combine the power of Image Recognition & Profiling with the power of deep learning to track important demographic data such as age range, gender and ethnicity of your audience.

Analyse & Understand Faces

Analyse & Understand Faces

Measure emotional response to your content from a video or photo. Understand how people respond to your advertisements or questions.

Identity & Access Management

Passwordless Authentication

Notaryzer is a patent pending passwordless authentication technology, that validates the identity of a user. Notaryzer's IoT based multi-factor authentication & machine learning provides very high level of confidence of identity to be compliant of all the security standards.

Safe Convenient Dismissals

NotionR is an app for parents/gaurdians to identify themselves to pick up their children and to receive communication from the school/child care. It provides the school the ability to stream line the pick ups with efficiency and high security.

About Us

Haliscape was started in 2006 and run by serial entrepreneurs with higher education from the US and global business experience. With their vision and exposure, Haliscape has built several products in different verticals that are used by hundreds of thousands of users across four continents.


All our products utilize many services across different leading cloud platforms (AWS, MS Azure & Google Cloud) to create a seamlessly integrated experience for our users. Our Cloud strategy is focussed on fulfilling the "Life On-Demand" expectations of our users.

Machine Learning

Applications with integrated Deep Learning Neural Nets and Predictive ML Models are of great interest for us. Currently, we are working on integrating AI platforms such as Google Home, Alexa and MS Cortana into our products. We have Stanford University certified Machine Learning experts in our team.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Adopting IoT strategy and technologies, we create simple and seamless alternatives for complex and tedious processes. Combining the power of IoT, distributed micro services platforms, cloud and mobile computing, our solutions enable systems convergence, intelligent and Zero-UI design patterns to deliver expriences that live up to the promise of digital.

Augmented Reality (AR) & Mixed Reality (MR)

Augmented Reality solutions enhances digital marketing and omni-channel retail. Bringing together the digital and real worlds along with blending of geolocation and contextual information, our MR applications create a truly immersive experience for the user.


At Haliscape, we always look for great partners to work with. We take our partners' business cases and put into place the techology to create entirely new products, services and business models. With the right blend of industry knowledge, strategy, design thinking and technology capabilities, we help our partners to untangle complex problems to create simple and scalable solutions.


Monetization & justification modeling. Digital solution & transformation planning. Enterprise architecture planning. Security & vulnerability assessments.


Proof of concept validation and development. Data modeling & systems design. User experience development.


Systems & legacy integrations. Early adopter penetration. Adapting to achieve Product-market fit.

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